Isola Creative Academy was formed for those serious about taking the creative reigns within their own business. We understand the energy it takes to set the foundations of business, in particular, the capital investment required. With Branding your starting point, it can feel overwhelming when you don't know where to turn to. And costly. 

We also recognised the growing need for professionals seeking effective training to manage their creative projects in the workplace. In particular, Marketing Assistants and Coordinators, Personal Assistants, EA's, and Receptionists (to name a few). 

So we curated Creative Expert : Masterclass - a 2-day intensive workshop that covers depth of insight to the magical world of Branding, Design and Storytelling.


In order to offer the best experience, we engage with the same industries that our agency does. This allows us to leverage on our skills and passion to meet with those from the fashion, hair and beauty, music and entertainment, travel and lifestyle, hospitality, holistic and wellness sectors.

Granted we operate daily as a Creative Agency ourselves, one would ask why? Why wouldn't we just sell our own services in? Well, we could, and we do as there are many people who prefer to hand it over. 


Taking ownership of your brand story and identity the Isola Creative way is an absolute value add to any business. You see, the great thing about what you learn is it mirrors what we would do with your business if you were to engage our services outside of this course. The only difference is we designed this course for you, and so the software and web-based platforms we teach and share are less experienced designer and much more user-friendly for those who are less tech! So no Adobe anything - unless of course, you want to talk to us about this type of training outside of what we offer.

So, take a look around and decide if you want to learn from experts. We allow for a maximum of 12 students so as to assist you as much as possible throughout the session.

Please note: 
We ask that you possess basic tech skills and can operate a laptop or tablet without instruction or assistance. 

Click here to enrol, or email us with any questions.